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高中英語作文—美國人幾乎不存錢 American People Barely Save Money

2019-03-29 19:38:03 來源:啟達教育網

In China, it has been the tradition for people to save a lot of money, just in case of the emergent situation. But it is very different for American people. According to research, they don't trend to save money. The different situation has many reasons. First of all, America as the superpower, the government pays most of the bills and people don't have to worry about the emergent. While Chinese people have to pay the bill by themselves, which is a great burden. Secondly, American people are willing to spend the money to find fun, such as traveling around the world. They don't take the house as the big stuff, most whom choose to rent a house. But in China, people care about the house. They need to buy a house and then feel security. It is true that Chinese people are very responsible for the family and money brings the sense of security. Different people have different ways to live.