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高中英語作文—創業的艱辛 The Hardship of Starting Business

2019-03-20 17:56:22 來源:啟達教育網

When we look at the news of the successful persons, we are easy to owe their success to their talent and hard working. Less people will search more information about how these people lived before they made a difference. There is no doubt that starting business is not easy for the ordinary people, only the strong one can achieve this goal.


The former CEO of Apple company—Steve Jobs was known as the great person who changed the world. He created the smart phone and made computer smaller. Before he got the great honor and achievement, he dropped out of school, but he continued to learn what he was interested. He was so poor that he needed to collected bottles to make ends meet. For others, they would choose to give up soon.


When we feel envious about the successful persons, just thinking about the hardship they have gone through. They show us the secret of getting success that is never to give up no matter what kind of difficulties we will face. As the saying that no pain, no gain, so keep moving on and don’t settle.