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高中英語作文—如何減壓 How to Relieve Pressure

2019-03-18 16:19:24 來源:啟達教育網

The moment I stepped in high school, I have made up my mind to study hard for the purpose to enter a good university. In the first year, I made a lot of new friends. All of them were so excellent that I wanted to learn from them. As the second year has come, I felt great pressure. My scores went up and down and I felt so worried. I told myself that I should find a way to relieve pressure. Listening to music was a good way. I would sing with the music and shake my body, which made me forget everything but the joyous music. Second, I would like to talk to my friends, because they understood me. We would have some tea in the shop and then shared our secrets. When we laughed out loudly, all the annoyance would disappear.